Race safety

My mother was talking about the Baja 500 tragic accidents it made me think I should write some bullet points about off road race safety.

For spectating

This should be given but STAY AWAY FROM THE COURSE if you want a better view but it is very crowded move down the road a bit it makes your day a bit better and is safer for everyone.


CHILDREN SHOULD BE OFF THE GROUND OR VERY FAR FROM THE COURSE  my father always put me on the truck bed if there weren’t any he pushed me far back.

IF YOU WANT TO BE NEAR THE PITS DON’T BRING CHILDREN when a pit is going on it is generally organized chaos a child can easily get loss in the chaos.

NEVER RIDE A MOTORCYCLE AROUND DURING A RACE unless it is a life or death situation my father always stressed this whenever I asked to bring my bike.

If you have any please leave them in the comments I will add them Thank you


Dark days for the Baja 500

Dark clouds hung over the Baja 500 when the sun finally set on Saturday. First I would like to offer my condolences to the families of Travis Livingston, Noah Evermann, and the young spectator. It is always a dark day when motorsports lose a racer, participator, or spectator. Over the past day I noticed a lot of people are upset at SCORE for not responding quick enough or having enough personnel at the race. I believe it is wrong that people are attacking SCORE over this in a race as spread out as the 500 no organizer will ever have enough people. In 2009 my father and I ran the entire season with Roger Norman, at every Mexico race every chase truck had a Cruz Rojas car with them which meant Roger took team safety seriously. Dust to Glory showed what happens, a spectator was hit and every rescue helicopter was 15-20 minutes away sometimes you can’t avoid it. Think about track racing they have medical personnel on the track and even they can’t get there fast enough. Racing will always be a dangerous sport for anyone one involved everyone knows this, Mexico especially. To blame SCORE for this though is wrong. Congratulations to Tavo Vildsola and Robbie Pierce and their team for the overall win, the 1x riders and Ox motorsports team for Pro Moto class, and Pat Dailey, Travis Clarke, Michael Loomis, Jaime Campbell and their entire pit crew for the Class 10 win.

Formula 1 and Indy Car

Safety in Motorsports

Safety in motorsports… again. As mention in my last post my dad stressed safety to me all my life. Whenever I would go riding dirt bikes my father continuously told me to ride as if no one can see you, in fact that prepared me for being in a wheelchair. In the last two years both Formula 1 and Indy Car have lost drivers from freak accidents of debris striking the heads of drivers. First was Jules Bianchi from Formula 1 at the Japan Grand Prix in 2014, then more recently Justin Wilson in August 2015 at Pocono Raceway. Though its been awhile since their passing safety in racing should always be brought up. For the last few years Formula 1 has been working on designs to protect the drivers, The Halo- a Y shaped bar over the driver, Center Line Roll Hoop- three curved bars over the driver, Additional Frontal Protection- three fins that gradually curve up it rest in front of the driver, and Canopies- a window that seals in the driver much like a jet canopy. There are some drivers who do not approve of adding these design because they are “the worst looking mod in F1 history”. I’m surprised that there some drivers that don’t care how safety, thankfully F1 is choosing to ignore them and have been looking into design that would keep their drivers safe. Fortunately Indy is looking to implement some driver protection as well by 2017.


My Return

The Assault Back into Racing

Though this is near two weeks since this race happened The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in Lake Elsinore was the start of many more races that I will be attending. There is still a learning curve for me while attending the first few races. I only caught the pro 4 race before my body started to overheat of course the first race I return to and I end up getting sick. Still the race was full of excitement cars were battling all day, I was rooting for Rob Maccachren as I always have. Unfortunately something broke on Rob’s truck causing him to finish a lap down.  My triumphant return to this sport didn’t go as well as I planned I still loved every minute of it. There some about this sport that makes it hard to get it out of your system, my dad often refers to it as a drug,  you might be able to  step away from this sport for a short time but something always draws people back I know my four years away from this sports caused me to go a little stir crazy but I can’t wait to return to attending every race like I used to. This will document my return and though there might be unforeseen problems I will undoubtedly run into nothing, will stop me from coming back to off road racing.IMG_0551