My name is Alexander James Vera. My life started off normal but after I attended my first race it seemed like my life hit the ground and took off running. My father had been involved with off road racing, and I had always begged him to take me and he finally caved. The first race I attended was the M.O.R.E [Mojave Off Road Enthusiast] Balls Out 250, this would spawn a life long love for the sport. The second race I attended made me realize this is what I want to do with my life and I would never stop pursuing this dream. The year 2011 saw me living the dream my father and I started volunteering for a team called The Desert Assassins they had a shop right up the street from my school. Everyday I would walk up there and begin helping them prepare the race cars that season my father and I attended every race. As far as I could tell I was living the dream. In 2012 my life came to a screeching halt in February I would be with friends at a pool and I would break my neck. I spent a week in a coma after my operation and finally woke up. After waking up it took me some time to come to the realization that my dream to race was very far away almost out of reach. For the first few years I wasn’t sure what I would do with my life. Slowly I realized I would need to work hard and never give up though it took some time I have finally begun my foray back into to off road racing. A funny thing I later realized The Desert Assassin motto is “Never Surrender” and I won’t.