Formula 1 and Indy Car

Safety in Motorsports


Safety in motorsports… again. As mention in my last post my dad stressed safety to me all my life. Whenever I would go riding dirt bikes my father continuously told me to ride as if no one can see you, in fact that prepared me for being in a wheelchair. In the last two years both Formula 1 and Indy Car have lost drivers from freak accidents of debris striking the heads of drivers. First was Jules Bianchi from Formula 1 at the Japan Grand Prix in 2014, then more recently Justin Wilson in August 2015 at Pocono Raceway. Though its been awhile since their passing safety in racing should always be brought up. For the last few years Formula 1 has been working on designs to protect the drivers, The Halo- a Y shaped bar over the driver, Center Line Roll Hoop- three curved bars over the driver, Additional Frontal Protection- three fins that gradually curve up it rest in front of the driver, and Canopies- a window that seals in the driver much like a jet canopy. There are some drivers who do not approve of adding these design because they are “the worst looking mod in F1 history”. I’m surprised that there some drivers that don’t care how safety, thankfully F1 is choosing to ignore them and have been looking into design that would keep their drivers safe. Fortunately Indy is looking to implement some driver protection as well by 2017.


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