My Return

The Assault Back into Racing


Though this is near two weeks since this race happened The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in Lake Elsinore was the start of many more races that I will be attending. There is still a learning curve for me while attending the first few races. I only caught the pro 4 race before my body started to overheat of course the first race I return to and I end up getting sick. Still the race was full of excitement cars were battling all day, I was rooting for Rob Maccachren as I always have. Unfortunately something broke on Rob’s truck causing him to finish a lap down.  My triumphant return to this sport didn’t go as well as I planned I still loved every minute of it. There some about this sport that makes it hard to get it out of your system, my dad often refers to it as a drug,  you might be able to  step away from this sport for a short time but something always draws people back I know my four years away from this sports caused me to go a little stir crazy but I can’t wait to return to attending every race like I used to. This will document my return and though there might be unforeseen problems I will undoubtedly run into nothing, will stop me from coming back to off road racing.IMG_0551

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